A CloudApp Droplet for Retina Screen users!

We use Cloudapp a silly amount on a daily basis to throw screenshots back and forth between each other over skype Hipchat. It’s always fustrated me that the screenshots taken on the retina screen are 2x that of the standard screenshot. Making the image huge for when we’re embedding into issues on bitbucket and a large file in general.

Today, over lunch I threw together a Droplet based on cloudapp’s official screenshot droplet that does the exact same thing, but first resizes the image to half the resolution (and a much smaller filesize) prior to sending to the server, this makes things much quicker in most cases! :)

You can download it here. I don’t plan on introducing version numbers as it’s not really a big project (but will do if there is interest shown!). If you like using it or have any issues, please give me a shout in the comments!