iOS Device Stuck in Game Center Sandbox? Fix Here!

I’ve used my iPhone and iPad for development in the past and have always been annoyed with the fact that I was stuck in sandbox mode with 1P42 stuck at the top of the registration form that is shoved in my face when I try and register. Anyway, follow these steps to get back into normal sandbox mode…

  1. Close all apps (not really needed, but simplifies things)
  2. Open game center and create a sandbox account (no need to verify email address)
  3. Log out of this new account by tapping your email address under the 3 boxes.
  4. Close game center and then make sure it’s removed from the multi-tasking bar
  5. Open a game center enabled game and be presented with the normal game center login!

I hope this helps people faced with the same problem I was! Let me know if you have any questions via the comments section :)