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Thoughts and news from the Netsells team

  • Event: eCommerce on autopilot with Strawberry

    Last week our eCommerce team attended a Shopify event in Manchester hosted by fellow Digital Agency Strawberry. The event consisted of three talks all centred around the concept of automation. The first of the talks, by Alex Weston, was all about how to utilise email effectively in order to incre…

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  • Is Flutter the future of cross-platform app development?

    What is Flutter? Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app software development kit (SDK) by Google which is written in the Dart programming language, also developed by Google. In a nutshell, Flutter allows you to build native apps on iOS and Android from a single code base.  It&rs…

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  • Automated Pull Request Checks on Github

    There aren’t many jobs out there where you have the direct ability to make your day to day tasks more efficient. This is part of what makes being a developer so great. Problem solving is our jam. We can identify problems and simplify them or automate them entirely. As a lead, one of my duties…

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  • Netsells: The Hackathon

    If you work in tech, you’ll probably be familiar with the term ‘hackathon’ before. You might have even heard its less common variants, like ‘hack day’, ‘hackfest’ or ‘codefest’. A hackathon is an event (usually 24-48 hours but sometimes longer)…

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