We are continuing to operate as normal, with all teams working remotely. There are no changes to operating processes or any project disruptions.

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Thoughts and news from the Netsells team

  • Netsells: The Hackathon

    If you work in tech, you’ll probably be familiar with the term ‘hackathon’ before. You might have even heard its less common variants, like ‘hack day’, ‘hackfest’ or ‘codefest’. A hackathon is an event (usually 24-48 hours but sometimes longer)…

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  • Our First VR Gaming Social

    With hype for VR reaching new heights, it seemed a perfect choice for our Netsells fortnightly social - it's basically essential research. Although several of our team had already dabbled in VR gaming, many of us were completely new to the technology and eager for a chance to play.  One aftern…

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