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Working with the UK’s fastest-growing coffee shop chain to create a digital rewards mobile app using Flutter

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Digitising the Employee Experience

We worked with Costa Coffee, one of the UK’s leading coffee shop chains, to digitally transform their employee benefit scheme. 

Working to replace the plastic cards currently in circulation, we created a mobile application for employees that is integrated with Costa’s existing API. This enables Costa to track and analyse usage metrics, altering their product offering where necessary to increase or maintain employee satisfaction.

The app allows verified Costa Employees to access a QR code on their mobile device, which enables them to use and track their discount at participating branches. It also helps to add an element of traceability to the employee benefit scheme, meaning that once an employee leaves Costa they will no longer be able to use their card.

Our Solution

Development for Android & iOS

We created the application using Flutter, Google’s powerful cross-platform development kit. This allows end-users to access the app using both Android or iOS devices.

Secure and Integrated

We implemented secure verification methods for employees and integrated the app with Costa’s POS provider WRS, allowing for quick adoption of the new technology into Costa’s existing ecosystem.

Eco-friendly Alternative

In providing a digital alternative, we were able to help drastically reduce the production and distribution of plastic cards.

Creating Digital Loyalty Schemes

Personalised Experiences

When a user signs up for a mobile application, you gain the ability to market to them directly through their phone. With only basic information from the user, you are able to offer a much more personalised version of your service, speaking directly to their interests. This helps to ensure consistent engagement and allows for retargeting to maintain repeat business.

Tailored Rewards

Two key questions that a digital rewards scheme can help to answer are what type of products does this customer buy, and how often do they purchase through our business? By identifying a customer who usually buys children's clothes, for example, you are able to serve push notifications offering temporary discounts on those items. This can boost sales and keep your brand ‘front-of-mind’.

Convenience and Ease of Use

In 2018 Codebreaker released a study featuring insights from more than 440 millennials belonging to loyalty programmes from various industries. The report details that over 97% of participants indicated that they would actively engage with loyalty programmes more if they were able to access the reward information from their phones. With plastic card use on the decline, an easily accessible digital app is a great way to ensure that your business remains the vendor of choice for your product or service.   

Built for the future in Flutter

We developed Costa’s new application in Flutter, a robust SDK created by Google. Designed to serve Android, iOS and web platforms from a single code base, Flutter is a great platform for any business looking for complete functionality across multiple devices- without the need for additional development to tailor the app to each platform. This reduces the time and costs needed for completion, helping you get to market quicker.

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