EO Charging

Building a SaaS platform for a cutting-edge EV Charging business.

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The Brief

The EV market is saturated with unapproachable and difficult to understand software. Together with EO Charging, we worked to put an end to the misery and change this forever, creating software so accessible and easy-to-use that it changes the market forever.

To do this, we created EO Cloud, a SaaS platform for monitoring, managing and monetising networks of smart-charging stations. 

The software allows anyone from businesses to network operators to set up and manage their charge-points, tracking charger status, users, CO2 calculations, scheduling and automated reimbursement for users with an EO home charger as well as a work allowance.

The system also aids in the installation of new charge points, acting as a diagnostic tool to ensure that all systems are working properly.

Our Process


We worked closely with EO to gain a full understanding of the technology landscape, existing APIs the new software needed to integrate with and ensure a clear understanding of user types and functional usage.


We then worked to create web and mobile-based applications for full access to charging information, regardless of where the user is. This included an extensive overhaul of the platform's existing user interface.

One-Stop Solution

We helped to create a one-stop-shop for EO’s EV Points, allowing users of all types to use the application as a solution for their specific needs- be it installation, hiring or analytics.

The Results

Green to go

Official partner for Uber’s electric vehicles

Powering the Grocery Shop

EO now power Sainsbury's first electric vehicles

Changing Tourism

Powered the first eco-tourism drive in Australia

Partnered with Aviva

Over 3000 solar panels powering 50 EO Charge Points

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