Developing a modern web-based broker management portal for one of the UK's largest insurers

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The Challenge

Hiscox is a FTSE 100 insurance provider that offers a range of insurance products aimed at both business and consumers. At over 100 years old, Hiscox has maintained a reputation for trustworthiness and dependability in an often volatile market. The company now has over 3,300 staff across 14 countries and 34 offices.

Netsells have been a go-to Hiscox partner for many years, working with a variety of departments in supporting their ongoing digital transformation exercises. 

From broker management portals through to advanced Partner API’s, Netsells are trusted to deliver on solutions that support significant areas of Hiscox’s insurance and reinsurance businesses. 

Typically joining the project early on, Netsells will help guide and shape the project requirements before working to produce proof of concepts that enable business sign off. From there, we work to complete production-ready implementations that use a modern technology stack but that must often integrate with legacy systems to ensure rapid innovation without disruption. 

Integrating with FreeAgent & Natwest

In 2020 we helped Hiscox integrate their APIs with FreeAgent, the UK-based accounting software for small business and Natwest.

The partnership, the first of its kind in the UK, leverages AI and financial data to help identify small business owners who could benefit from insurance while generating quotes to fit their individual requirements.

The Results


The Hiscox team wanted to explore the potential benefits of alternative solutions that would incorporate modern development concepts such as Single-Page Applications (SPAs), server-side business logic and API-driven development. We worked with the project’s internal Solutions Architect to create a fully functional proof-of-concept for this new platform that clearly illustrates the benefits of enhanced functionality and how modern technologies could be applied to future-proof the platform.

Universal Application

The front-end was built using the React JavaScript framework which was combined with Redux, a complementary library to React that provides a way to easily isolate states so that components can retrieve required states from one canonical source. This enables developers to create universal apps that can run across multiple platforms.


Secure Data Access

Hello.js, a client-side JavaScript SDK for authentication, was combined with OAuth2, the industry-standard protocol for authorisation, to allow for secure data access.

Unified Back-end

The backend consisted of Azure services which worked together to provide the underlying logic and data controls.

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