Developing a mobile application for Android devices to ensure whole-of-market coverage.

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The Brief

After successfully designing, building and publishing an iOS app which was gaining traction in the market, Jigsaw approached Netsells to expand their offering through the creation of a version compatible with Android devices.

The idea of this was to open up their available market, allowing them to access a new user base spread across 100s of device types globally.

After quickly becoming the fastest-growing dating app in London, Jigsaw crossed the pond to take advantage of the US market, further expanding to over 100,000 users and 3,000,000 matches.

The application works by covering profiles with a puzzle so that users match based on the information they give about themselves, rather than their looks. Pieces are then removed as they exchange messages, fully revealing their picture after 8 interactions. 

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Creating dedicated codebases: The Pros

Boost performance for existing applications

In native mobile app development, the application is created and optimized for a specific platform, giving it the ability to achieve an extremely high level of performance. This is particularly advantageous for businesses who have either a platform-specific target demographic or the capacity to manage two separate applications.

Provide Additional Security

Developing a bespoke mobile app is a great way to guarantee your users reliable data protection and ensure GDPR standards are upheld. Native applications are built using incredibly robust platform-specific programming languages which have a minimal amount of security risks.

Added Interactivity

Native mobile applications inherit their devices’ OS interfaces, making them look and feel like an integrated part of the device- this can help give your product the edge when it comes to user experience, and can ultimately help aid conversions and bounce rate.

Additional stability

For large-scale applications that have many ‘engines’ running behind the scenes (profile matching, location services, camera access, etc.), native applications can provide added stability, reducing the amount of time  necessary fixing issues post-launch.

Max Adamski, Co-founder & Creative Director

Thanks to Netsells Group's QA skills and high-quality development work, the app has gained over 100,000 local users. 

The team worked efficiently, delivering each piece of work with few errors. They are a communicative partner, and the familiar yet focused environment they've created is noteworthy. 


The Results

100,000+ Users

Across Android & iOS

3,000,000+ Pieces Revealed

Helping form genuine connections

$1 Million Raised

For launch in the US market

Plans to roll out in 20 more metropolitan areas

Disrupting the global dating market

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