Improving antibiotic resistance in hospitals through the application of design thinking and mobile technologies

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Antibiotic overuse can lead to antibiotic resistance, resulting in infections that are harder to treat.

The Brief

Noble's Hospital Trust were awarded funding from Poker Stars to investigate measures to tackle antibiotic resistance using new technology solutions. They needed a way to track real-time antibiotic use and analyse this information to proactively make suggestions on which antibiotics should be prescribed in the hospital for a range of medical conditions. 

We worked with a range of internal stakeholders to design and deliver a mobile application that could be used within hospitals to securely capture antibiotic use and record this against a patient diagnosis. This data was then aggregated and algorithmically analysed to offer real-time usage statistics to prescribing staff working across a number of wards.

This app had to be available across iOS and Android and support data protection and enhanced security protocols to ensure compliance with technical regulations within the NHS. 

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