As part of our Netsells Ventures programme, we became early investors in the growth of B2B rail service provider Railguard.

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Working on delay repay

Railguard works with travel management companies and their clients across the UK to develop and deliver smart and more effective public transit solutions. 

Their software is designed to allow rail service providers to provide delay repay solutions at a faster rate, moving away from the manual solutions that have been in use up until this point, allowing a level of automation.

Our initial collaborative work involved the development and deployment of a cross-platform application (iOS / Android / Web) capable of digitally and automatically handling refund requests, a service that has proven particularly useful for businesses and organisations and was previously resolved manually. 

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Netsells Ventures

Railguard was part of our Netsells Ventures scheme. Together, we took their idea from concept to fully-fleshed out platform. Supporting at every stage, we helped Railguard define their offering, tested their idea, built the platform and raised further investment for expansion.

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The Results


Part of our development time with Railguard went into the creation of a mobile application developed in cross-platform coding language Flutter, to be made available on both Android and iOS.


We also created a comprehensive web app that allows users to track their compensation claims and withdraw payable amounts.


We assisted Railguard with seed investment and developing relationships with key commercial partners. This initial investment was used to develop an MVP of the platform, which was then leveraged to secure further investors as the business gained traction.


Through our Discovery process, we worked closely with Railguard's founders to identify and develop a commercially viable product roadmap which then informed the design and development of the initial MVP and subsequent iterations.

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