Specfox is a Netsells-owned SaaS platform that helps users produce annotated development and design specifications.

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What is Specfox?

Typically when a web or app design is produced, there can be a lot of back and forth between team members on how best to interpret the visual elements of the design. Questions emerge like “where does this button go” and “what happens to this section as a user scrolls". Specfox uniquely solves this problem by allowing you to upload and add notes right on to your to project screens. 

We acquired Specfox in 2016 and have subsequently grown it into the leading web and mobile app specification creation platform. Specfox is currently available as a web-only platform built on top of Laravel and Vue.JS

We Built

Freemium Pricing Model

To attract and convert users, basic elements of Specfox are free for all. This includes 10 project screens and unlimited revisions.

This approach to customer acquisition allowed us to get product feedback from the beginning, alongside building an audience who could later be monetised.

Team Accounts

To generate revenue from the platform and provide extra functionality, we introduced the concept of 'Teams" as a premium offering. 

This highly requested feature allows groups of users to share documents and collaborate in real-time. This is especially useful for larger agencies and businesses.

Full Product Roadmap

As soon as we acquired the platform, our team ran a full Discovery exercise to benchmark Specfox’s current performance, understand functionality gaps and research future user requirements. 

Using this data, we developed a full Product Roadmap based on agile, iterative improvements to the platform.

Account Management

Alongside supporting shared team spaces, we also introduced admin overviews which enable users to easily manage privileges and access for both teams and individual accounts.

This providers users with greater control and adds an extra layer to account security across the platform.

The Results

Premium Options

In November 2020 we launched our premium offering, allowing users to supercharge their specifications and collaborate as a team over multiple projects. This change enables us to implement requested features and bring additional support.

Specfox Professional

Our affordable Professional membership allows users to add up to 30 projects, with additional slots available for only £5 p/m per 10 projects- making it our most powerful individual offering to date.

Specfox Teams

Specfox Teams allows up to 5 users to collaborate over product specifications and designs, with dedicated project spaces, unlimited projects and the ability to add additional users for just £5p/m per user.


Specfox Enterprise is the ultimate offering for business, with unlimited projects, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration and additional support.

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