Developing a mobile application for the one of the UK's leading multi-channel retailer of tools and building materials.

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Toolstation is one of Britain’s fastest-growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies to the trade, home improvers and self-builders, with more than 400 branches nationwide. In 2014, Toolstation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Travis Perkins, one of the largest suppliers of building materials to the UK’s building and construction industry.

The Challenge

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toolstation approached Netsells to deliver a new consumer-facing mobile application, designed to improve mobile access to account information and trade facilities for trade customers.

The Toolstation team were keen to support their customers as quickly as possible and were looking for a way of rapidly defining, developing and releasing a minimum viable product, without compromise on performance or user experience. 


Our Approach

  1. Discovery

    Our team started with a thorough discovery process to ensure a full understanding of Toolstation's business objectives, allowing us to ensure we built a tailored product that helped to achieve internal KPIs.

  2. Defining a True MVP

    We worked closely with the Toolstation team to define the minimum features required to launch a nimble, yet effective minimum viable product.

  3. User Testing and Validation

    We gathered and analysed feedback throughout the build process to ensure high-confidence and data-driven decisions were made rapidly at every stage.

  4. Delivering a Product Roadmap

    Alongside delivering the first version of the app, we continue to work alongside Toolstation to define and deliver iterative functionalities, following a fully researched and validated product roadmap.

Building Faster with Flutter

Traditionally two code bases in two different languages are required to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This means twice the work and twice the maintenance costs. 

To deliver apps faster our team leverage Flutter, Google’s groundbreaking cross-platform framework. Flutter allows us to build natively for iOS and Android, all from a single code base. 

Flutter’s widgets allow us to implement native UI functionalities simultaneously, such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts, providing full native performance on both iOS and Android.

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