Improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their own care.

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UK healthcare technology company, TPP, develops clinical software focused on shared electronic medical records, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their own care. Their flagship product, SystmOne, is used by over 7,000 organisations and 200,000 clinicians to manage over 50 million patient records globally.

The Challenge

TPP approached Netsells to assist in updating and improving their existing web platform to position themselves at the forefront of the healthcare technology market. They were looking specifically for a partner with demonstrable experience in healthtech and experience with Laravel, their web framework of choice.

Due to their international presence, they also required multi-language support, alongside the development of corresponding microsite for Chinese language visitors.  


Our Delivery Process


    Our team started with a thorough review of their existing site by diving into the technical performance, user experience and site architecture. This allowed us to fully understand the limitations of the existing solution and where we could provide a significantly better experience for users.


    As TPP offers healthtech solutions across multiple sectors, we identified the need to cater to a range of user personas. We worked closely with the team to understand their target audiences and produce customer journey maps that reflected different audience needs and international requirements. This was then translated into process maps, wireframes and concept designs which were thoroughly tested and reviewed before the build phase.


    Speed is key when it comes to delivering exceptional web experiences as users expect seamless load times and real-time responsive features across desktop and mobile. Our developers have significant experience in deploying modern APIs alongside traditional progressive enhancement strategies to create progressive web applications that simply snap to it.


    We then optimised TPP systems to handle complex media assets and data requests, designing extensive offline experiences to ensure every use-case is catered for.

The Outcomes


The Tech Stack



We use Laravel because of its advanced features, speed and in-built security. Laravel allows us to rapidly build high-performance web applications that can withstand high-volume environments.



Hatchly is our open-source Laravel CMS used by hundreds of large and small businesses throughout the world. With a modular approach, Hatchly brings all of the features that you would expect from a top of the range CMS.

AWS Services for Web Development..


To keep our applications robust and fast, we ultisie a range of AWS services managed and maintained by our AWS certified team.

The Results

Widespread Adoption

100 million consultations per month now take place using SystmOne

Worldwide Presence

TPP works with 45 global partners

Global Reach

Chinese language site supports expansion into new markets

Attention to the User

Dramatically Improved user experience

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