Enhancing platforms and data management for Europe’s leading train and coach platform

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The Brief

Trainline are Europe’s leading train and coach booking provider who deliver digital ticketing services across 45 countries. Their aim is to bring together all rail, coach and other travel services into one simple experience so people can get the best prices and smart, real-time travel info on the go.

We work with Trainline as a preferred technology partner, providing team-augmentation and extension capabilities across their core product portfolio with a focus on back-end development and infrastructure. 

Utilising our expertise in Laravel and PHP, our team provide additional technical expertise outside of Trainline's internal competencies. We also support the rapid delivery of new features through the provision of additional QA and Project Management resource.

With a focus on rapid, iterative development, we fully-integrate into Trainline's Agile workflows and sprint-based delivery processes. Our team take part in the full Scrum process, contributing to stand-ups, retrospectives and sprint planning.


Iterative Delivery. Maximum Impact.

  1. Problem Sprint

    Working closely with internal stakeholders, we developed an in-depth understanding of business and customer processes, requirements and KPIs. This allowed our team to fully understand the problem space, breaking it down into epics and individual user stories.


    The next phase focused on mapping solutions and agreeing on the product roadmap, with a focus on clear prioritisation of epics, issues and sprint goals.

  3. Implementation Sprint

    We worked with Trainline on regular releases, working with their existing CI/CD processes and ensuring thorough QA and testing before deployment.


    As part of an on-going partnership we continue to closely support Trainline with a dedicated internal team iteratively delivering updates and improvements to ensure that products are regularly updated and supported.

The Results

Out of Hours Support

We are responsible for maintaining assigned core applications in production and provide dedicated out of hours support 24/7, 365 days a year. This is backed by a solid SLA which ensures the Trainline team have on-demand expertise.

Platform Migration

Our Infrastructure team worked closely with internal teams to migrate core web infrastructure to a range of AWS services which support micro-service based applications with multiple environments that support a tightly controlled deploy process. 

Compliance & Security

Trainline have solid processes covering security, access and audit logging. We ensured our team complied with all internal processes and procedures, alongside upholding the own security standards we follow across all projects.

Rapid, Iterative Development

Our project managers worked closely with the Trainline to understand their internal processes, ensuring that the project was delivered in a way that works in their current agile workflow without a drop-off in service.

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