On-going Digital Transformation with the UK’s second-largest food and drink brand.

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The Brief

Every aspect of their output, from packaging print quality to crust texture and density, is monitored, recorded, reported and benchmarked against their competition on a weekly basis. 

Traditionally this quality management process has traditionally been managed through clunky and ultimately now outdated methods. 

Significant manual work was required each week to record and share data using paper-based records, which sapped valuable time from team members and prevented the data from being immediately available to other business units.

There was also a concern that data captured in this manner had the potential to be incomplete or inaccurate, which would have detrimental a knock-on impact on reporting and analysis. 

For a company with standards as high as Warburtons, this potential for error was unacceptable. They came to Netsells to resolve this, quickly.

Our Process


We worked with Warburtons using intensive Discovery sessions to rapidly understand the lifecycle of their products and thoroughly ascertain their processes for recording and reviewing quality.

Design & Test

Following this review, we quickly designed, tested and implemented an updated mobile-based solution that allows data to be captured live on the production line using a robust, user-friendly in-app workflow. 


We ensured all data is made available to other services through a RESTful API, enabling the entire organisation to immediately access and analyse quality across all key areas. 

The Results

Automated Reporting

With the introduction of accurate automated reports, Warburtons now have a solution that allows them to focus on baking.

24/7 Support, 365 days a year

Warburtons are supported by a Service Level Agreement that ensures that they are able to continue operating efficiently 365 days per year

Rapid Mobile App Development

Using rapid prototyping coupled with thorough QA, we provided Warburtons with a robust solution to solve a business-critical issue at speed.

Full-Lifecycle Consultation

Based on the success of this initial engagement, we are currently in discussions to extend our technology consultation and development support to other aspects of their business. 

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