Netsells Ventures Partner


We are a strategic technology partner and investor to some of the UK’s most exciting startups. We support successful Crowdcube businesses with their technology definition, direction and development

We Help Technology-Driven Startups Get to Market Faster

Web Application Development

We define, design and build complex bespoke platforms and SaaS products using our expertise in an ever-expanding suite of technologies.

Mobile App Development

We plan, design and develop native and cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS, along with the APIs that drive them.

Digital Product Consultancy

We combine strategy, design and development into one unified process that validates your product's potential and gets you to market.

Why Work With Us?

We are one of the few technology partners that can take a product idea from concept to fully-fleshed out platform.

Supporting at every stage, we help founders define their offering, test their idea, build the platform and raise further investment to grow it.

Our expertise comes from our experience. We add value because we are absolutely not a team of stuffy financial advisors who only know the world of corporate investment.  We’re a group of passionate entrepreneurs, designers and technologists who live and breathe digital product development every single day.

We typically provide our services on a sweat-equity basis, often acting as a bridge between the first round of funding and more significant raises.

Exclusive Post-Funding Perks


Get a free one-hour strategy session with one of our Lead Product Consultants who can advise on product strategy, roadmaps and general technical questions.


We offer all successfully funded Crowdcube businesses 10% off development costs within the first year of funding


We also offer a free one-hour strategy session with one of our Marketing Specialists who can advise on customer acquisition and product marketing strategy.


We regularly help start-ups with their technical due diligence and can offer successfully funded Crowdcube businesses and their investors 10% off these services.