Consumer Product & Service Technology Developers

As consumers go digital, we help businesses build B2C applications and platforms. Whether you want to connect supply and demand in a marketplace or build the next dating app, our team can help you deliver across web and mobile.

Growth, Strategy & Execution

A number of disruptive forces are at play in today’s consumer marketplace as rapid technological adoption drives rapid digital adoption, alongside increasing competition. Consumer attitudes are shifting too, with ever-growing expectations around speed, customer experience and transparency.

Digital disruption signals the need for new ideas, fresh strategies and seamless delivery of new platforms and digital services. That’s where our expertise across design, product, development and growth comes into its own. 

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Our Capabilities

Social Networks

From geo social dating apps to real-time online communities, we develop platforms that connect people through user-generated content, location matching and profile preferences. Alongside creating standalone applications for mobile or web, we can develop full digital experiences spanning multiple devices.

Online Marketplaces

Alongside our shared-economy expertise, we leverage our back-end expertise and data-driven mindset to develop high-performance marketplaces. With a focus on speed, user experience and scalability, we build platforms that are capable of processing, sorting and analysing millions of data records in milliseconds.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With an established SaaS discovery and development process, we can create and deploy SaaS solutions on a global scale using tried and tested technologies. For established platforms, we can help you refine your roadmap, manage your release cycle and offer SaaS lifecycle management to ensure your product continues to evolve and perform.

Personalisation & Gamification

Keep your customers engaged and motivated with gamified initiatives based on an individual user’s historical performance, preferences and aggregate trends. Alongside building AI-driven in-app experiences, we can also help you extract data generated by gamification and personalisation and analyse it to gain valuable audience insights.

On-demand Services

Utilising the latest mobile technologies, we help build applications that connect consumers to service providers in real-time. Creating end-to-end seamless user experiences, we build platforms that automatically match supply and demand, set prices, handle transactions, and establish trust through solid data protocols.

Wearables & IoT

Our app development experience doesn’t just stop at mobile. We build applications across the hardware spectrum, including Apple Watch, Wear OS and a range of embedded systems. We can also help integrate device data to existing platforms and develop multi-platform applications for customers accessing services across multiple devices.

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