Finance & Banking

Open banking, data-driven decisioning and mobile-first solutions are here to stay. See how we’re helping banks, insurers and capital markets stay on top in the new digital economy.

Software Development for Financial Services and Banking

From developing API solutions to building mobile-first fintech applications, we’ve made our name creating the platforms and mobile applications that drive organisations forward in the rapidly changing banking and financial service sectors.

Working with clients in highly regulated industries means we are used to working with extremely sensitive data and highly complex tasks.

Our clear and deeply embedded governance principles define our ways of working within and across all of our projects, with a clear expectation of transparency and honesty.

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Our Capabilities

FinTech Mobile App Development

We've built a range of FinTech mobile applications, including custom investment management platforms, portfolio management systems and investment platforms. We work both natively and using cross-platform technologies.

Third-party and API integrations

We can seamlessly integrate third-party payment services into new or existing platforms, including accounting software, loan origination systems, payment gateways and ERP platforms. 

Financial Product Development

From idea to delivery, let us assemble a full-stack development and product team capable of building a robust, scalable solution end-to-end. We can also be brought in to enhance existing teams and speed up your internal development process.

Financial Data Management

Organise and structure your organisation's data to gain clear business inights and monitor performance at every level. Alongside managing big data, we also use AI and machine learning to peform predictive analysis and develop sophisticated automated solutions.

Digital Transformation

Instead of running multiple fragmented IT projects, we help organisations reframe around a comprehensive digital strategy which focuses on delivering technology efficiently against clear goals and timelines.

Blockchain Application Development

From developing cryptocurrency exchanges and conducting blockchain security audits to the development of smart contracts and ICOs/IEOs, we develop decentralised solutions for both public and private blockchains. 

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