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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. It’s clear that Industry 4.0 is the future and digital is driving mass change globally. Developments in areas such as robotics, big data, automation, industrial vision and the internet of things have opened up new capabilities across the manufacturing lifecycle.

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We help manufacturing and production-based companies digitally transform their operations through developing smart, connected and scalable technologies. 

We’ve helped household brands centralise and automate complex quality assurance processes, developed cloud-based JIT solutions and re-architected complex ERP software platforms for compliance-heavy industries. 

With more than 10 years in the business, our consultants, strategists and developers work to understand your business and unique goals. 

We work with as part of your team to understand how you’re currently working and identify the software, systems and technologies your manufacturing business needs to meet the challenges of the future.

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Our Capabilities

Business Intelligence and Big Data

Using the data embedded in your business we uncover critical information to identify patterns and power smart operations. This can include predictive maintenance, automated quality testing, pro-active supply chain management and continuous product optimisation.

Industrial Internet of Things

Bringing together robotics, data, people and devices we help manufacturers develop integrated systems that monitor, collect, exchange and analyse across the entire factory. By combining technology and people, IIoT drives unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Digital Transformation and Automation

Building on IIoT systems, Digital transformation combines old manufacturing processes enhanced with new technologies to develop new products and smart automated processes. From beginning to end, our team can take you through the entire journey and ensure tangible outcomes are achieved against clear timelines.

Enterprise Resource Planning

From enhancing existing systems to building bespoke solutions, we can develop individual applications or a system of integrated applications to manage business processes and automate many back-office functions.

Third-party and API Integrations

We can seamlessly integrate third-party payment services into new or existing platforms, including supply chain management software, ERP systems, CRMs and more. We can also help your business develop secure APIs which can be used by your customers.

Supply Chain Management

We can unlock full transparency by developing systems that also allow you to model, track and optimise your entire supply chain. Building on predictive technologies, we can also build AI-powered systems that seamlessly predict and manage fluctuations in demand and supply

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