Retail Technology Consulting & Development

With a decade of experience working with household brands, we help retailers build agile technology solutions that combine world-class insight with exceptional experience design to help improve business efficiency and keep customers coming back for more.

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

As retail increasingly moves online, customers expect lightning-fast eCommerce platforms, personalised experiences and seamless delivery. 

To win against a backdrop of increasing standards and competition, retailers need to ensure their digital platforms are best in class. From building entire new eCommerce ecosystems to centralising vital customer information, we help retailers connect with consumers and deliver.

Alongside the visible, we also help retailers harness technology to improve their behind the scenes operations. This can be anything from maximising warehouse efficiency to forecasting demand. We want to leverage data and automation to ensure your entire business is adaptable and cost-effective.

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Our Capabilities

Digital Customer Experience

Seamlessly integrate the physical and digital for your customers with bespoke platforms, in-store technologies and smart devices built at the cutting-edge of retail innovation. From IoT sensors, to integrating NFC technologies, we can help connect the dots and enable you to influence and delight customers across their entire purchasing journey.

eCommerce & Mobile Shopping

Building bespoke eCommerce solutions across mobile and web, we help retailers develop high-performance, conversion-driven online retail channels. Whether this is a stand-alone eCommerce site, or fully integrated mobile application and online store, we take care of everything from the ground up to supercharge your digital return on investment.

Retail Systems Architecture

We help retailers develop systems to provide back office functionalities supporting enterprise resource planning, merchandise planning, merchandise management and supply chain functions such as demand forecasting and warehouse management. We can also assist in the integration of these systems with existing platforms and APIs to ensure maximum performance.

Retail Digital Transformation

Through a combination of technology and service design expertise, we help retailers identify their digital opportunities and design efficient programmes of development to go from idea to working solutions. Starting with a deep understanding of your specific business landscape and operational potenti

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Mobile app-based AR and VR solutions allow customers to visualise products in real-time and help online retailers significantly reduce returns by providing ‘try-before-you-buy’ experiences. We can also help build AR and VR solutions to solve a range of business problems, from improving warehouse navigation to running remote employee training.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We assist retailers in leveraging predictive analytics and big data to collect, store and interpret transactional, social, location and demographic data. By unlocking and analysing key customer data sources, we empower your organisation to build truly data-driven strategies across multiple streams.

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