Shared-Economy Development Services

We help retailers, marketplaces and shared-economy platforms develop eCommerce and mobile solutions that drive user growth and boost sales.

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Developing user experiences that drive revenue

Using a world-class design and user experience methodology, We create shared-economy experiences that are easy to use, secure and lightning-fast.

Considering every part of the user journey, we optimise every part of the platform, from landing pages to checkouts, to ensure users find you and return to purchase on your platform again and again.

Our designers and developers have worked to improve the presence and profitability of global brands, which ensures we can provide strategic support that extends beyond the code.

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Our Capabilities

Mobile Applications and Mobile Payments

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing mobile app or explore a new mobile opportunity, our UK-based app team works across the entire app development lifecycle. We can also help you define and build specific mobile payments solutions and integrations.

Shared-Economy Platform Development

Combining product leadership and technical knowledge, our team has deep expertise in building, maintaining and growing shared economy platforms that facilitate peer to peer transactions and on-demand access to physical and digital goods.

Digital Transformation and Automation

Instead of running multiple fragmented IT projects and initiatives, we help organisations reframe around a comprehensive multi-platform digital strategy which focuses on delivering new technologies efficiently against clear goals and timelines.  

eCommerce Platform Development

As an official AreoCommerce Partner, we have the experience to support at any stage of your businesses growth. Whether you are just starting out with a new venture or looking for new ways to drive customers to a successful store, our team can advise on and build better foundations for your online business.

Third-party, API and Payments Integrations

We can seamlessly integrate third-party payment services into new or existing platforms, including POS systems, eCommerce solutions, CRMs and more. We also work with carefully selected third-parties to give our customers more data, more insight, and more control through powerful integrations.

Trade and Partnership Platforms

We develop trade portals that connect and facilitate transactions between a range of stakeholders including suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Alongside developing new platforms, we can bridge the gap between systems and ensure deals and transactions are facilitated smoothly.

Case Studies

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