5 Top Apps Developed in Flutter

Scott Batchelor

Launched in May 2017, the Flutter framework has revolutionised our ability to build beautiful natively compiled applications from a single codebase. 

Using a library of robust and reliable widgets, Flutter allows us to create fully integrated mobile and web products that have powerful security mechanisms, long-lasting performance and unparalleled UX.

Read on for 5 of our favourite mobile applications leveraging the power of Google’s critically-acclaimed cross-platform development package.

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Realtor.com is a popular Flutter-powered app that helps users navigate the US property market. The app uses Flutter geolocation plugins to display available houses and apartments on the US map, displaying nearby options when user location is enabled.

In applications that deal with personal information- and particularly in those where that data is linked to finance, security is of paramount importance. Flutter provides developers with secure and trusted authentication plugins that ensure information is handled safely and protected.

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Reflectly is a mental health companion journal that uses AI to help users structure and reflect upon their daily thoughts. After launching their MVP in 2017 the original application started to suffer cross-platform compatibility issues, ultimately slowing down progress towards all-of-market coverage.

They then rebuilt the product from the ground up using Flutter, and in only 2.5 months were able to launch, eliminating the need for platform-specific fixes and reducing crash rates by 100%.

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Google Ads


As the creators of the Flutter framework, it only makes sense that Google use it for their own cross-platform applications. A great example of this can be found in Google Ads Mobile, which allows users to monitor and update their paid media on-the-go.

A big advantage of using Flutter for applications where financial risk is involved (such as bidding and budgeting in Google Ads) is the ability to debug and roll out updates more quickly to all platforms, avoiding interruption to crucial paid services.

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Costa Coffee


Working to replace the plastic cards currently in circulation, we created Costa Coffee a Flutter application for employees that is integrated with their existing API. This enabled Costa to track and analyse usage metrics, altering their employee benefit offering where necessary to increase or maintain employee satisfaction.

Using Flutter we were able to focus on creating a single centralised codebase that would ultimately serve any device necessary. This ensured all employees have a way of accessing their benefits and allowed for an immediate end to the production of plastic cards.

Xianyu by Alibaba


Alibaba, the Chinese multinational retail giant that owns the world’s largest eCommerce platform leveraged the power of Flutter to create a mobile shopping platform. Google's powerful cross-platform framework helped Alibaba create something fast and accessible with a strong attention to UX.

Xianyu is being used by more than 50+ million users regularly to buy and sell millions of products from an enormous number of categories of products. It helped connect and re-engage consumers, making the buying and selling process natural and accessible from anywhere on the globe.

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