Event: eCommerce on autopilot with Strawberry

Rowan Collins

Last week our eCommerce team attended a Shopify event in Manchester hosted by fellow Digital Agency Strawberry. The event consisted of three talks all centred around the concept of automation.

Shopify Automation Features Talk with Strawberry

The first of the talks, by Alex Weston, was all about how to utilise email effectively in order to increase Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and personalise the user experience. Alex hit us with some powerful stats and figures, showing us why “email is still king," making everyone in the audience consider upping their email game.

Following on from Alex we had Rob Beattie who shared some great advice about freeing up back office management and redeploying staff to concentrate on sales. This was another data-driven talk that had some heavy hitting statistics, finishing on a bit of a plug for Brightpearl, a retail platform that seems to do everything he recommended throughout his talk.

After a quick break and some rapid networking with fellow attendees, we were back in with a great talk by Tim Sumner from Shopify Plus. In his talk Tim showed us some of the great automation tools unlocked when you subscribe to Shopify Plus. Things like Shopify Flow, a great way to line up tasks that can be automated based on certain criteria. Or Launchpad, a tool for scheduling changes on site for events such as Black Friday. This takes away a lot of the stress of running an online store and also helps to increase profits exponentially.

None of the talks had any time set aside for Q&A's as there was a dedicated session for this after Tim’s talk, where all speakers, along with James Greenwood from Strawberry got the chance to answer a few questions that had been asked via Twitter.

After the talks there was plenty of time for us to grab a drink and some great canapés while mingling with the other developers and shop owners. A few minutes with both Rob and Tim was well received by our team, who were able to ask a few questions that didn't get covered during the Q&A session.

Finally we made our exit via a slide in the office in order to get the train back home.

It was a great event and has inspired our eCommerce team to work more automation into our sites, allowing our clients to concentrate more on the more important things in life.

Looking to add automation to your Shopify store? Speak to our expert team.

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