Joining SuperYachts in Monaco

Paige Miles

Getting to know our new clients and their businesses is a priority of ours. Naturally, then, we leapt at the chance to join our new client SuperYachts at the Monaco Yacht Show. Both teams were keen to kick off our upcoming collaboration with an exciting (and informative!) trip to the famous Port Hercules for three days of exhibitions and entertainment.


The leading industry provider of yacht industry news and the site for those looking to charter, SuperYachts were the perfect hosts for our first time in Monaco. Netsells' Rob, Brannan and Tom were able to get a deeper understanding of the business and a grounding in the wider industry. Plus, they had a great time getting to know David N, Richard, David B and Rikki from SuperYachts.


The SuperYachts website is renown in the industry as the go-to site for all things yacht. But their previous engagements with developers had left them with three different administrative platforms that made enforcing any updates a difficult process.

That's where we came in. We offered to provide a solution that goes beyond a total overhaul. Instead, our developers have given their honest assessment of the codebase and based a structured plan of action around that.

Our goal was to find the most efficient way of linking together the site's administrative platforms, merging them into one easy-to-navigate platform. This way the team over at SuperYachts can deliver changes to the site quickly and without impacting their loyal customer base.

"We had a fantastic time at the Monaco Yacht Show and are really looking forward to a long engagement with the SuperYachts team. We would like to thank for their hospitality and the unique opportunity to gain insight into this fascinating industry. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!" Brannan, Netsells CEO

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