Remotely configure iPhone Email Accounts

Sam Jordan

On almost a daily basis, we find ourselves sat in the Netsells office complaining that customers are yet again having problems following our PDF guide for email setup on the iPhone. We also find ourselves regularly complaining that we never have enough time to work on personal projects that we can launch and market.

Today, that all changed! This week we have been designing, developing and now launching, a free & easy to use tool that enables web designers and developers (or the frustrated friends and family of a technophobe!) to remotely setup email accounts on the iPhone and other iOS devices.

By entering all of the details into our handy little tool, and sending the struggling individual the generated link, the email account can be configured on any iOS device with a single click.

So there it is. No more hour-long phone calls, hair pulling until 3 a.m. or 2-hour drives to establish the customer is entering the password into the username box (yep, that actually happened.)

We plan on rolling out the second version in the coming weeks with more advanced configuration options, password protected urls, the ability to send the generated url as an SMS message (for our premium users) and improvements to the design, accessibility and usability of the website. We are also going to continuously work on the social media implementation, so as to raise awareness and ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from iPhone Config. Please consider leaving feedback using the ‘feedback & support’ link to the right of the screen over at 

If you use the tool and like it then let us know! We are also interested to hear from people willing to be a part of the Version 2 Beta testing (go on, you know you want to) and are always willing to listen to and take on board feedback.

Go forth and config!

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