The Yorkshire Marathon Corporate Relay

Netsells took part in the corporate relay last weekend. Six runners form a team, each of whom runs their leg, then passes the GPS tracked batton to the next runner. The day was great fun and we are all dead set on taking part next year, however initially we weren’t so sure it would turn out this well…

A group chat started in May - we managed to get six runners together four months ahead of schedule. Then the group chat fell silent. After realising that we as a team would have to run 26.2 miles, I don’t think the idea seemed quite so appealing!

Three weeks before the marathon, Judd decided to YOLO enter Netsells into the marathon, and would worry about the runners later - one of these runners turned out to be a future employee who hasn’t even started working with us yet!

We had a few last minute switches, but the week before the event we had a team set to run. Our training regime was simple - we didn’t train.

The morning of the run we all met at the university campus - where busses took each runners to their leg ready for the handover. We had a special section on the campus to relax after running our leg and collect our medals and a bacon sandwich after the run!

The six runners managed to complete the marathon in four hours and fifteen seconds. Finishing in 38th place amongst 90 teams!

Next year we are looking to smash the four hour mark. Potentially have two teams competing against eachother!

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