Why we're attending Web Summit 2018 - and you should too

Paige Miles


If you haven’t heard of Web Summit, where have you been for the past few years? For those in tech, Web Summit is the pinnacle of conferences. An annual gathering of startups, entrepreneurs, investors and tech companies from across the globe, Web Summit represents the very best that the tech industry has to offer.

We attended for the first time last year and were immediately hooked. The atmosphere is like no other. It’s not referred to as “Glastonbury for Geeks” for no reason - a bit of a stretch though, I’ll admit.

Held in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the conference is a 5-day affair. 5 days almost doesn’t seem enough time to get through all the amazing speakers and startup booths. We’ll be revealing who we’re most excited to hear speak next week, but there’s a full list of speakers up on the Web Summit website for all those curious. The names don’t disappoint, trust me!

So, why are we going to the Web Summit?

Our Managing Director, Brannan Coady, is a digital entrepreneur who’ll be there representing three different companies he has vested interests in. Web Summit is the perfect opportunity for Bran to connect with like-minded individuals considering their partnership options. He’ll be looking out for new, exciting startups to potentially invest or acquire equity in.

He will be joined at the Web Summit by our Lead Consultant, Rob Bellingham. Rob is the senior consultant in our highest profile clients, including three that will be attending the conference as exhibitors. He is keen to discuss options with new and established startups, as well as offer his advice in the sector.

If you’re going to be in Lisbon for the Web Summit 2018 and would like to chat to Rob or Brannan, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via our email: info@netsells.co.uk

Why should you go to the Web Summit?

First of all, it’s an amazing opportunity in its own right. 5 days of innovative tech, businesses and speakers: why wouldn’t you go? Web Summit speakers this year include big names such as the Founder of Medium and Tim Berners-Lee, along with a host of others.

Add to that the incredible networking potential of the Web Summit. There is no other event that will bring your startup so much exposure. It’s not just the exposure alone; it’s who you’re exposed to. Investors are looking for young, exciting startups to become involved with. It’s impossible to go to the Web Summit in Lisbon and not meet business contacts that just might change your life and your business.

The global nature of Web Summit means you can network across continents and scale-up faster. Global contacts means a global audience, global recruitment and unlimited possibilities for your business. Web Summit really is a once in a lifetime chance to kickstart your business - and come chat to us.

We hope to see you there next week!

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