Web Hosting & Domain Names

Our secure London data centre, with 99.8% uptime over the past two years, will mean your website is in the best possible hands. 100% free for 12 months for new web customers.

With 24/7/365 server support available, your website will be accessible all day everyday.

Web Hosting

Every website needs a host; the place where the files are stored and served from. Our secure, reliable hosting provision is a great way of keeping everything in one place - we handle all the technical side of things so you don't have to.

Because the service is managed by us, your website will never go offline due to insufficient resources.We will always expand the offering to whatever you need it to be to avoid your website going offline whilst upgraded packages are discussed.

Domain Names

The other thing you need is a domain name. Many people already have their own domain, and that's absolutely fine. Should you not have one yet, we can help you to decide on the perfect name, check with you what is available and then register and maintain the domain name on your behalf.

We can also help you to establish your professional business email accounts, and offer a free configuration service to get your accounts working on your desktop mail clients and mobile phone.

SSL and Static IP's

If you are running an online store, or handling personal or sensitive information, your website might need an extra layer of security.

SSL certificates, and the required static IP addresses, can be purchased for a yearly fee and provide your website with the recognisable padlock feature and tool bar indication to all visitors to your website that it is secure and trusted. Very important if you are asking people to hand over their credit card details!