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Backed by Sky Ocean Ventures, we helped sustainable start-up Bagboard develop their native apps for iOS and Android.

Bagboard came to Nesells with an ambitious plan to build an advertising platform with a social conscience.

The Brief

The Bagboard team came to Netsells with a simple idea that has a massive positive environmental impact. They want to replace every single single-use plastic bag in the UK with eco-friendly paper alternatives, all funded through advertising. 

Alongside developing the paper bags and distribution channels, the team quickly realised there was potential for a digital side to the offer. They wanted to build an online platform that connects users with the adverts they have engaged in, allowing them to directly track their plastic reduction contributions.

Alongside this consumer-facing platform, the Bagboard team also wanted to integrate a clever data collection model which would analyse bag distribution and stock levels to give advertisers the ability to target certain locations at certain times. 

The Solution

Netsells helped Bagboard develop their bag tracking solution using RFID technology, ensuring that both retailers and advertisers can get real-time updates of bag inventory levels and distribution locations. This is then connected to a bespoke retailer and admin platform.

Bag carriers are then incentivised to scan the artwork on the bag with the Bagboard app, which was built natively for both iOS and Android. 

Each physical advertising campaign on the bag relates to an on-device experience, connected with a unique QR code printed onto the bags. Once this is scanned, a new world of creative opportunities are unlocked using augmented reality, bringing the advert to life on the user's device. This encourages meaningful engagement that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional passive advertising models. 

Users who interact with adverts also participate in a unique user rewards programme. Each advertising engagement offsets the equivalent of 1KG of plastic from the environment, turning advertising into a force for good. Users can monitor their plastic-busting efforts through the apps, which display clearly the amount of plastic offset through their interactions.


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