A better way to store your household documents

Getonatop takes the pain out of home organisation


The Brief

Getonatop founder Simon was sick of never being able to find his household documents. Gas bills, insurance statements and other important documents were stuffed in drawers and cupboards and he thought there must be a better way. 

He envisaged a mobile application that could remove the need for large files of documents and give users a way of accessing them from anywhere - and prevent the loss of hem when you need them most!

Android & iOS

Getonatop was born, a mobile application for Android & iOS that enables the simple storage of important information, images of the documents and a calendar of renewal dates. Users can store and share documents in a variety of categories

Technologies & Services

Natively built using Java and Swift, the mobile applications are powered through a secure API. We also delivered a simple single page website at using Laravel and our Hatchly CMS

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