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Developing a modern web-based broker management portal for one of the UK's largest insurers

As the insurance market evolves, Hiscox were keen to update their core web properties in order to provide a solid foundation for future development.


The Brief

Netsells were initially appointed to help develop a proof of concept as part of a web development project aimed at supporting core APIs.

The Hiscox team wanted to explore the potential benefits of alternative solutions that would incorporate modern development concepts such as Single-Page Applications (SPAs), server-side business logic and API-driven development.

Netsells worked with the project’s internal solutions architect to create a fully functional proof-of-concept for this new platform that clearly illustrates the benefits of enhanced functionality and how modern technologies could be applied to future-proof platform. 

The front-end was built using the React JavaScript framework which was combined with Redux, a complementary library to React that provides a way to easily isolate states so that components can retrieve required states from one canonical source. 

Hello.js, a client-side JavaScript SDK for authentication, was combined with OAuth2, the industry-standard protocol for authorisation, to allow for secure data access.

The backend consisted of Azure services which worked together to provide the underlying logic and data controls.

The Results

We continue to work with the Hiscox team on an Agile basis, providing continued support across their core portfolio.

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