Improving antibiotic distribution is hospitals

Helping to solve the worlds antiobiotic resistance problems through technology


The Brief

Nobles hostpital trust were given funding from Poker Stars to help to solve one of the worlds looming problems - antibiotic resistance. They needed a way to track and to proactively make suggestions on which antibiotics should be prescribed in the hospital for a range of medical conditions, as well as integration with a mobile label printer for attaching information to patient files

Change for the better

Netsells produced native applications for Android and iOS, enabling users to cascade through a series of questions to identify the ailment and subsequently proactively reccomend the most suitable Antibiotic. With the app giving exposure to the information on current resistance, GP's are able to make more informed decisions as to what to prescribe. 

Technologies & Services

Mobile applications in Java and Swift along with an API connected to a laravel admin backend for management of data and reccomendations

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