Elevating a trusted holiday platform to new heights 

Redesign and rebuild of the UK's favourite cottage booking site


The Brief

Peak Cottages were a strong brand and business with a poor website. They needed to come into the modern age, they needed to work across tablets and mobiles and they needed to increase their conversion rate. We reimagined their platform from the ground up, utilising vast amounts of data, user surveys and our own expertise to lovingly craft a new website to elevate their business to new heights. 

It worked! Conversions went through the roof and both proeprty owners and holliday goers loved the new website. The competition did too, and whilst many tried to immitate the work we had done they were eventually aquired by market leader in 2016, letting Colin the owner move into a well earned retirement!

Rise to the top

With modern imagery, a new brand identity and a rethink on the site struture, page layout and user journeys, Peak cottages was able to double it's conversion rate and get itself back to winning ways. 

Technologies & Services

Built using cutting edge frontend technologies and on our laravel CMS platform, Peak Cottages is built for both the now and the future

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