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A shared economy platform for parking spaces. 

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The Brief

Shared-Economy marketplace YourParkingSpace is the online parking marketplace where you'll find parking spaces, driveways and garages for rent throughout the UK

Netsells have been partners with YourParkingSpace for many years now, working to build, maintain and enhance the shared economy platform.

We built and manage the back office system used by over 40 london based staff, designed and developed the mobile applications for Android & iOS and continue to work closely with YourParkingSpace as they strive towards their next round of multi million pound investment. 

“At the close of 2014 when we first contacted Netsells we were simply looking for a web development company. What we ended up finding in Netsells surpassed any of our expectations. Not only do you gain access to an incredibly talented web development team, you also get invaluable advice to help guide all aspects of the business’s technology and strategy, all accompanied with an attitude and work ethic that would surpass even the best in-house teams. Netsells have been central to our growth over these past few years, they would be my go-to company for any web development requirements.”  

Charles Cridland, CTO, YourParkingSpace

Apps & Sites

Working across back office systems, mobile applications and of course the front facing web platform used by thousands each day, our partnership with YourParkingSpace has produced exceptional results; and with what we have in store the world of parking will never be the same!

Technologies & Services

Native Java and Swift applications combined with cutting edge Laravel web platforms feed in to an incredibly powerful API that drives the system. With numerous integrations including one with industry leading the platform is truly transforming the industry. 

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