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With over 2.5 billion active global Android devices, it pays to deliver beautiful native experiences for Google’s leading mobile operating system.

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Cutting-Edge Mobile Solutions

Since its launch in late 2008, our team of software and development experts have worked to gain a full understanding of the languages and frameworks specific to Android.

This experience has allowed us to work at the cutting edge, incorporating the latest technologies such as wearables, machine learning, and AR/VR into our ever-growing portfolio of work.

We Deliver

Exceptional Android Applications

Rich User Experiences

To confidently deploy solutions for multiple users, we leverage cutting-edge features of the Android ecosystem, to ensure your app performs seamlessly across multiple devices; including phones, tablets, and wearables.

Security and Reliability

To preserve user trust and device integrity, we build every app meticulously according to security best practices. Android’s platform security keeps your user’s devices and data safe through app sandboxing, exploit mitigation and device encryption. 

Android for Enterprise

Working with advanced Android features means we can build industry-leading platforms that leverage Google’s latest innovations, from machine learning and cloud security to artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

Our Android Development Process


Our comprehensive discovery process turns business objectives, user profiles, and commercial models into functional specifications and prototypes. This ensures your Android app is built on solid foundations.


We use findings from Discovery to develop a flow and UI style for your app, taking into consideration user research and initial testing.


This is where our mobile developers turn prototypes and designs into reality using Dart, the codebase which underpins Flutter.


Our highly-experienced QA Engineers exhaustively test and scrutinise our code so it meets our high-quality standards. We only release code that has been through our rigorous QA process to ensure your app is flawless.

Case Studies

Our Latest Android Work

Find out more about our work on stand-alone Android applications and multi-platform app development projects.

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