Software Project Rescue & Recovery

Netsells brings together a highly experienced team of solution architects, software engineers, business analysts, and QA engineers to guide your stalled or troubled software projects back on track. Our project rescue services provide a full project audit, comprehensive recovery plans, and re-development services.

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Getting You Back on Track

Bespoke software and platform development projects fail for a number of reasons, from low-quality deliverables to poor communication. Regardless of the cause, we help organisations stuck with an incomplete or low-quality system get back on track, quickly.

Our team have seen it all before and worked across a range of common and uncommon scenarios to bring failing projects back to life and develop them further to achieve commercial success.


Rescue Services for Failing Software Projects

Dealing With Unclear Deliverables?

We know that one of the greatest challenges in managing software projects is dealing with unknown or unclear requirements. This is is why we have a clear Discovery process which helps you to define project deliverables upfront and develop a clear roadmap for implementation. We will always give you a clear up-front plan of what will be delivered when to expect it and the costs involved.

Received Poor Quality Code?

Our developers are experienced across a range of modern programming languages and regularly perform code audits to benchmark code quality. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for upgrades and improvements, bringing your project back on track. We can also upgrade platforms and frameworks to the latest version to plug critical vulnerabilities and increase performance.

Lack of Accountability & Transparency?

Clients often come to us after they have been burned by a previous agency or freelance developer. One of the major reasons they cite for this previous relationship being terminated is concerns over accountability for deliverables and a lack of transparency in communications. This is why we always provide a clear specification, UAT plan and defined point of contact throughout all projects.

Our Software Recovery Process

Code Audit

Our developers take a dive into existing codebases to undertake a full code quality and security audit. This will identify any critical vulnerabilities and security risks, alongside determining the quality and feasibility of the existing code.

Project Planning

After the Code Review is completed and key findings documented, our Business Analysis and Project Managers will work with your team to assess your business priorities and create a clear, achievable roadmap for development.


In-line with a clear roadmap, our developers will begin refactoring your code and developing further features to ensure your platform is stabilised and improved. Throughout every step, clear communication will be prioritised above all else to ensure you have peace of mind and a smooth development experience.

Support and Maintenance

Post-development our support and maintenance plans will keep your platform running smoothly. We can proactively monitor your system and infrastructure, work with you to make suggestions on functionality and features and advise on security concerns. 

No Project Left Behind

Find out how we helped get a range of software projects back on track, in-time and in-budget.

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