Technical Due Diligence

We help investors evaluate technology-driven businesses by providing a critical technology assessment service that reports on key strengths and weaknesses.

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What is Technical Due Dilligence?

Technical Due Diligence is an independent third-party assessment which documents key technology risks and potential opportunities prior to acquisition, merger or fundraising rounds. This assessment is a vital component in making an informed decision about whether an investment is viable.

Alongside looking at the core technology components and performing a code quality review, we also take a wider look at the businesses' product strategy, team capabilities and operational landscape. 


Our Technical Due Diligence Covers

Team Overview

We look at the experience and skills of the founding team to understand their capabilities, weaknesses and skills gaps. We also assess the people strategy post-investment to understand how critical skills will be maintained and that planned roles can support scale-up plans.

Product Strategy

After thorough investigation, we provide a clear data-driven overview of the commercial viability and scalability of the platform. Is there a sufficient demand to justify further development? Does the product have a clear proposition that meets a distinct market need? Is there a clear strategy for growth that will provide a return on investment?

Code Quality & Security

Building on our 10+ years of technical expertise, our senior developers and system architects will audit the platform for critical vulnerabilities and ensure the underlying code is fit for purpose. They will also advise on any refactoring or legacy system migrations required to keep the system operational and scaleable. 

Infrastructure & DevOps

We will review the current deployment setup and processes to understand how quickly and safely new features can be deployed. Our Infrastructure Team will also advise on whether any further DevOps processes or enhanced infrastructure can be introduced to improve platform stability and performance.

Processes, Practices and Tools

Alongside performing a technical audit, we will also advise on whether there is scope for automation and efficiency savings in current business processes. We will also ensure that delivery practices are scalable and aligned with the planned delivery schedule post-funding.

Why Netsells?

With more than 10 years of experience in digital product consultancy, we are highly experienced in creating, developing, and assessing the technologies embedded businesses of all structures and sizes. Our clients range from global household brands to VC-backed start-ups and scale-ups.

Named continuously as a Clutch Top UK Developer and 'Highly Commended' by The Drum, our team of over 60 technical experts ensure our experience covers all aspects of the technology and product development lifecycle.

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